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Guide & Considerations
Apex Industries starts with your process requirements and your business objectives. We design and construct your clean room- based on your budget- from that foundation. Our in-house engineering, design, construction management and project management teams enable us to bring constructability and tool requirements into the clean room design flow. All elements of the clean room project typically developed by project designer, Plan should define the design & construction related requirements for products and processes specified by user and facility management, Clean room project team- establish goals, objectives, needs of the project, project scope, technical performance requirements, outline schedule & budget, identify project responsibility, List of staff-building, environmental, safety, code regulations, good manufacturer practice guidelines Consider cost of impact, schedule of design process, milestones Risks need to be identified & mitigations planned Clean room Contamination Control Considerations, All equipment & processes used in clean room should be in a matrix listing requirement Additional issues that affect the building design and construct ability, Hierarchy of cleanliness should be specified & contamination control concept should be developed, Contaminant movement & mitigation need to be analyzed, Ambient air quality & airborne pollutants, Availability of utility and services at site versus the required utility and services to determine if additional services or remote connections from adjacent facilities, Environmental issues Site ambient vibration & noise levels determination of their acceptability for the process with or without special treatments, Ambient electromagnetic fields Local zoning ordinances & regulation
Clean room Critical Flow Arrangements
Operations, maintenances and quality personnel need to be consulted throughout the design, Efficient operation- a systemic design effort to determine functional interdependences adjacencies & efficient flow to minimize the migration of contaminants and to optimize process flow, Design of personnel flow in and out of clean room Equipment and materials entering clean room must be pre cleaned and moved through either an airlock or a pass through Exposed room surface finish materials must be compatible with the processes in the clean room.