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Linear Grill
Apex Industries is the leading prominent quality HVAC linear Grill manufacturer & Exporter at Ahmedabad, Gujarat – INDIA, and our high-definition roll formers, enhanced with the latest servo-drive technology and automatic cut saws, cut grille profiles on the fly. With our high precision robotic welder for our commercial Square Cone Diffuser product line, welding takes place in 1/10 of a second, never allowing the metal to warp. Our fully automated in-house powder coat paint line, together with Axalta 100% polyester powder coating, assures the best product finish in the industry. Our grilles are quickly packaged using our automated shrink wrap packaging system. We house a large inventory of finished residential and commercial products allowing for quick shipment of most orders.

Apex Industries Linear Grill and Diffusers, Bar Grilles are designed and Customized to perform the HVAC air as required and we guaranty to satisfy high performance applications and an aesthetically.