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We are fume hood manufacturers in India. Our fume hood systems meet ASHRAE standards and can withstand any type of acid exposure. Standard units are made in 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft width with variety of construction options. We also design laboratory fume hoods for Hydrofluoric and Perchloric acids at economical price, Fume Hood is an enclosure which is used to remove fumes and air borne particles at the contamination source. It is a kind of fume ventilation system which prime work is to remove smoke, dust mist and chemical fumes and restrict their entry into laboratory environment. A laboratory fume hood comprises of metallic sheet enclosure, steel or marble stone work bench, service fixture and electrical points. For fume exhaust, heavy duty blowers are fitted and remotely connected to the duct. Chemical fume hood, fume cupboard and fume closet are similar names of fume hood.